Witches’ support for animal feed


THERE will be some spooky goings on in Forfar next month - to which all local witches are invited!

As it is now 350 years since the last witch was burned in the town, a ‘Witches Ball’ has been arranged to remember them and to assist with raising funds for a well-known local charity - The Mountains Animal Sanctuary at Glenogil.

Due to the extremely wet summer, crops have suffered accordingly and increased costs for hay and other feedstuffs are predicted. This will mean an even greater need to raise funds for the winter feed bill at the sanctuary.

The ‘ball’ will be the 10th ‘donkey dance’, as they have become known, and are now an annual date on the calendar.

Margaret Smith organises the dance, finds the entertainers and arranges the raffle which attracts over 100 prizes, and this year she has again come up with what promises to be a great evening in The Plough Inn, Forfar, on Saturday, November 3.

The Colliston Sound will play for Scottish dances, Norman Borland will sing both country and Irish songs, also for dancing, and the ever popular line dancing is on offer. To help boost the energy levels, stovies will be served direct from the witches’ cauldron!

Over the years Margaret has done an enormous amount to help the Mountains Animal Sanctuary and all amounts raised go to her beloved donkeys’ and horses’ winter feed bill.

So the call has gone out to all you budding witches to help this very worthy cause and get a great evening’s entertainment into the bargain. Fancy dress is optional but witches gear will be very welcome.

The dance will run from 7.30 pm until 12.30 am.

Tickets are available, priced £8, from Margaret at 01307 468648 or from The Plough Inn.

Pam Taylor, manager of the sanctuary, praised Margaret’s unstinting dedication to raising funds to help the animals.

She said: “Over the years Margaret has raised over £10,000 for the sanctuary. This really is fantastic and we are very grateful to her. This kind of support is invaluable to us and regular support from people like Margaret means a great deal to everybody up here.

“Because of the bad summer we have not been able to cut as much of our own hay and we will be over budget this year. Last year our winter bill was in the region of £7,000 and Margaret’s fund-raising will go a long to help the horses and donkeys.”