Wide range of music events

MUSIC events in St. John’s Episcopal Church last week ranged widely in form and content.

On Sunday, June 21, the augmented choir sang Choral Evensong, directed by Richard Finch, accompanied by resident organist Neil Smeaton.

During the week there were three lunchtime recitals featuring visiting organists and other guest performers.

On Tuesday, Simon Lindley from Leeds played a varied and inspiring programme ranging in date from Handel to Harwood, and also played piano accompaniment for two cornet pieces played by Neil Smeaton.

On Thursday, Neil presented his own programme of organ music by French and British composers, and William Stevenson of St. Andrews accompanied soprano Helen Brown singing four beautiful and expressive songs by Schumann, Berlioz and Gluck.

Jeremy Cull of St. Cuthbert’s in Edinburgh played an interesting selection of 19th and 20th century organ music, and accompanied soprano Catherine Baker in a group of five songs from the music theatre repertoire in which she specialises.

To round the week off, on Sunday the Forfar Instrumental Band was in the church to accompany and enliven the morning Eucharist - which, in better weather, would have been the annual open-air service at Restenneth Priory.

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