What do Rotarians do?

Forfar Rotary Club.
Forfar Rotary Club.

In a bid to enlighten non Rotarians and hopefully encourage others to join, Forfar Rotary Club held an informal buffet style evening meeting.

Rotary President Robin Wardhaugh welcomed 10 guests to an informational presentation to let others know what it is Rotarians do in the Forfar Club.

After the relaxed meal and much conversation, it was left to Colin Muir to give the presentation outlining past events and the new programme planned for the future, hopefully giving those present food for thought as to their involvement in joining the club.

As with all Rotary Clubs in the UK there is a pressing need to lower the average age group by enlisting younger people in the community to join or at the very least become “a friend to Rotary” by volunteering some of their time to assist in the running of some of the events.

The evening ended with President Robin thanking those who attended and tongue in cheek suggesting that the guests may not get out the door without completing an application form.

From the photo of the guests all smiling it was deemed the meeting was a success.