What a great response to our appeal for volunteers’ week...

Some of the volunteers gather at the Peter Pan statue in Kirrie Square.
Some of the volunteers gather at the Peter Pan statue in Kirrie Square.

Last week our Angus South papers, including the Dispatch and Herald, highlighted a surge of activity as part of the annual volunteers’ week celebrations.

We are delighted to say that, through our partnership with Voluntary Action Angus, this has been the best volunteers’ week ever.

The young and very young, brothers, sisters, grannies, grandads, the homeless, the confident, people from all walks of life, joined in to celebrate the most unique act of human giving.

Gary Malone, the CEO of Voluntary Action Angus said: “I have been involved in the voluntary sector for 30 years; I’ve seen a lot in my time which inspired me but this year’s volunteers’ week is probably the best ever week of my working life.

“From young people dancing in the streets of Angus with grannies, the amazing gathering of volunteers at the House of Dun barbecue to the excellent family fun day at the West Links in Arbroath on Sunday, this has been a real demonstration of how much Angus people care about volunteering.

“Perhaps the most profound example of the inclusive nature of volunteer development was when one of our volunteers who was homeless sat on a bench in Montrose wearing a volunteers’ week T shirt.

“Another homeless man joined him and asked “what’s that you’re wearing?”: he replied “I’m a volunteer at Voluntary Action Angus - they saved my life so I’m giving something back.”

“During the week volunteers gave out hundreds of free T shirts, spoke to thousands of people and the number of hits on our Facebook page went up by thousands.

“Many of the young people we have volunteering didn’t have the best experience of school and community life, many felt excluded and they often tell us they were told they were useless.

“Through the experience of volunteering they are telling a totally different story now - they turn up early, feel passionate and included and many go on to gain employment or further education.

“That’s the power of volunteering; its transformation not only to the people and communities who benefit from volunteering, but for the volunteers themselves.”

Gary concluded: “Here in Angus we have a very buoyant culture of volunteering.

“It is critical to creating a more equal society as well as providing help to people who need it the most.”

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