Weather warning

TAYSIDE Police are urging drivers to avoid parts of rural Angus, as winds continue to whip snow across B-roads just as fast as ploughs are able to clear them.

A number of vehicles were getting stuck in snow drifts during the course of Friday and while emergency services were able to reach drivers who had got into difficulty, the continued high winds are making normal travel impossible.

As a result Tayside Police and its partners are asking people to avoid the following routes from now, overnight and until further notice –

B978 from B961 (N)

B961 from Templehall (N)

B9128 from Muirdrum A92 (N) Lochlair

B9127 from Arbroath into and cross over B961 etc (W)

B9128 up to Crombie from Muirdrum then north into affected area (N)

B961 from A933 south to Crombie (S)

B9128 Craichie (road ahead closed south) (S)

B9128 Upper/Nether Tulloes road closed (S)

B9127 from A90 closed at Whig Street (E)

B978 closed at Wellbank (N)

Tayside Police, Tayside Fire and Rescue and other agencies will be operating in vehicles equipped to deal with the conditions, but the advice is to stay away from these routes.

Any vulnerable people living in these areas who have any concerns or difficulties should contact Tayside Police on 101.

The Met Office forecast that frequent snow showers will continue into tomorrow morning at least, with easterly winds continuing to blow the dry snow causing snow to drift. These winds are predicted to continue into Saturday evening.

Anyone taking to the roads elsewhere in Tayside tonight should heed the following advice

Increase the gap between your vehicle and the one in front.

On slippery roads it can take up to 10 times longer to stop.

Reduce your speed and allow more time to slow down. Stop by decelerating earlier, rather than rely on braking alone.

Use dipped headlights so you can see and be seen.

If visibility is extremely poor (less than 100 metres visibility) then use fog lights, but switch them off whenever conditions improve or they will cause undue dazzle, which is an offence.

People are also advised to make use of traffic information websites such as

There are also regular updates on AA Roadwatch.

Further Information on the kind of disruption that might be experienced is available at

The full Alerts, with maps of the area affected, can be viewed on hazard manager or on website

People should also be aware of local television and radio bulletins for updates on the latest weather and travel information. Details on any council and trunk road closures can be found at

Local authority websites carry further useful information in relation to various services and people should also log on to the Safer Scotland Ready For Winter? website on for more valuable information.