Warning to older people in Angus

OLDER people in Angus are warned to be on their guard against bogus callers and rogue traders set on a springtime spree of duping homeowners out of money.

Vulnerable householders, in particular those over 60, are increasingly becoming the favoured targets of criminals who use the change of the seasons into spring to execute doorstep scams.

The criminals turn up to offer homeowners the attractive prospect of having discounted repairs and improvement work carried out on their properties to spruce them up as the weather starts to improve.

But the work is either shoddy or grossly overpriced – and sometimes cash and valuables are stolen.

The warning comes from the Scottish Business Crime Centre (SBCC), as part of a new campaign it is fronting to raise awareness of various issues that can place older people at risk of financial harm.

A householder in Tayside was recently cold called by a firm who appeared to be approaching single people, offering special therapeutic mattresses. The householder invited the cold caller into his home and was sold on the therapeutic qualities of the mattress, none of which were true. The homeowner struggled to say no to the salesman and eventually felt forced to purchase the product.

Homeowners should always be on their guard against bogus callers who try to gain access to homes by imitating council officials.

More information about the SBCC and how to become a member can be found at www.sbcc.org.uk.