A Forfar man has warned readers to be aware of another telephone scam after his mother was targeted last week.

Duncan Watson of Donaldson Avenue contacted the "Dispatch and Herald" after his mother received a telephone call last Tuesday morning.

The Asian caller claimed the Forfar woman had been mis-sold her mortgage and was due between 800 and 900.

All she had to do was give her bank details to the caller who would fill in a legal document.

Luckily Duncan countered the caller and suggested the "legal document" be sent out to allow his solicitor to check it over, at which point the caller promptly slammed down the phone.

Checks to the bank revealed no mistake had been made, but the call upset Duncan's mother.

He said: "The caller was very cagey when I started asking questions. I said I had read in the papers about phone scams but she asked for the bank details over the phone. When I said I was giving no details over the phone and asked her to send out the document, she slammed down the phone.

"We contacted the bank and our accounts haven't been touched, but my mother was worried sick.

"I want to let your readers know and to warn the elderly and the vulnerable not to give out bank details."

The scam is just one of many brought to our attention, the most recent being a telephone scam in September which targeted computer owners.

Calls were made from an Indian call centre claiming they had been notified by Microsoft that there was a problem with the computer of the person they phoned.

They charged the "customer" a fee for remotely accessing their computer- which allowed them to gain vital information, including bank details.

One woman was forced to change her credit card and called in an IT consultant to check over her computer.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: "From time to time, our trading standards officers deal with similar queries, where people are 'phoned or e-mailed asking for personal information such as their date of birth, or their bank account details.

"The advice is always that people should be very vigilant and should not give out personal or bank details, as this could lead to their bank accounts being illegally accessed.

"Banks will not contact their customers for such information in this way.

"If anyone wishes advice about such calls or e-mails, they should contact Angus Council trading officers on 01241 435600."