Wargames committee reports a good 2012 and a positive 2013

At THE annual general meeting of Kirriemuir Wargames Club the outgoing chairman Dale Smith reported that the club had continued throughout 2012 and into 2013 on an even keel.

The influx of new members was a welcome boost to morale and their enthusiasm for the hobby makes the very existence of the club worthwhile.

The Executive dealt with routine administration items such as renewal of memberships, the issue of cheques for payments such as the rent of the hall and other day to day issues including liaison with other groups but the majority of club decisions continued to be made at the informal discussions of all attending members.

The chairman thanked Steve Rimmer for dealing with admin and dissemination of information and Steve Shaw for dealing with all money matters so effectively.

Early in the year Kevin Findlay and Neil McGregor stepped into the breach to run a club table at Carronade in Falkirk in May and the Wappinshaw in Glasgow in June and Steven Pattulo took on the mantle for Claymore in June where about twenty of our members attended over the course of the day.

The club public exhibition, Targe 2012, helped to create a national profile for the club and once again thanks are due to conveners Steve Shaw (door and ticketing), Steve Rimmer (Bring & Buy), Graeme Paterson (Painting Competitions) as well as floor manager and security enforcer Richard Morrill.

This was another successful show with part of the proceeds going to Combat Stress and Kirriemuir Day Car Centre as well as topping up the club funds for the coming year.

Reports from the treasurer and the secretary showed the club is in a healthy financial state and it was recommended that Targe should continue as the main fundraiser for 2013.

The breadth and depth of wargaming interest within KWC indicated a healthy future with converts to Richard’s early Dark Ages campaign now painting up figures.

Steve Rimmer has agreed to organise the 2013 club display tables which will mean games of the highest standard and quality and Steve and Richard are encouraging better advance organisation and planning of tables for our club meetings too.

Dale thanked all members of the committee for their work and support over the last year and looked forward to another encouraging and vibrant year of wargaming with Kirriemuir Wargames Club.

Bob Lauder took the chair for the following election of office bearers: chairman, Dale Smith; secretary, Steve Rimmer; treasurer, Steve Rimmer; website managers, Ross Paterson and Stefan Jelks; forum manager, James Fergus; junior representative and games organiser, Archie Yates.

Committee: Charles Grant, Roger Donaldson, Jimmy McGinley, James Yates, Gordon Nicoll, Jim Masson. Targe conveners: organiser, Dale Smith; door/tickets, Steve Shaw; bring and buy, Steve Rimmer; painting competitions, Grahame Paterson.

The next meeting of Kirriemuir Wargames Club is on Sunday, March 31 from 10 a.m. in the Guide Halls, Roods, Kirriemuir. For information call 01575 574128 any evening.