Viewing Kirrie through the lens

Webster’s High School Junior Pupil Council members in partnership with Angus Community Planning Team are inviting S1-S6 pupils to participate in a photographic competition called ‘Kirriemuir through the Lens’.

The Junior Pupil Council members were approached by the Community Planning team and were asked to help spearhead this innovative project which it is hoped will form phase one of a wider Kirriemuir community consultation exercise.

Pupils are being encouraged to take their own photographs of what they feel are the good and bad aspects of Kirriemuir.

These will be exhibited in Webster’s High School initially and a winner will be chosen.

Members from the community have been approached by the Pupil Council to act as judges. These include Maureen Crosbie,

Kyle Hamilton and Mike Kiely. Prizes will be awarded to the pupils whose photographs demonstrate the best aspects of Kirriemuir or alternatively a photograph which shows where changes should have been made to improve the town.

“It is great to see young people taking a lead in a creative approach to citizenship in their own area” commented Fidelma O’Dowda-Cook the local Community Learning and Development Worker.

All photographs will be on public display in the town later in the year.

Jade Logan S1 said “At first this whole experience seemed daunting.

“However, I feel good at the response we have received.

“I feel local residents should engage with new ideas for Kirriemuir as it will bridge the gap between the generations allowing pupils of Webster’s High School to work closer with the Kirriemuir community.”

Rules for the competition have been drawn up by the pupils and a registration form can be collected from Webster’s High School office.

One photograph per entrant of either a Good or Bad aspect of Kirriemuir can be taken by mobile phone, digital camera or a SLR. Photographs can be emailed to or uploaded to the ‘Kirriemuir through the Lens Competition’ Facebook page.

All photographs and registration forms should be in by March 30 and the exhibition will take place on April 30 where the winner will be announced.