Veteran Garden Party

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FORFAR Dispatch readers Bill Gibson and his partner Flora Dargie are heading off to London in a few weeks to attend the Veterans Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

The Garden Party is for veterans of all UK Armed Services and Merchant Navy who have seen active service in war zones on behalf of the UK and allies.

Mr Gibson, who is ex-RNVR and Merchant Navy, with almost 29 years service, will be representing the Federation of Merchant Mariners with five other veterans and their guests.

He saw action while supporting the three main services in Cyprus and Aden also supplying United Nations Troops in another theatre where things got pretty hairy.

In 1967, at the close of the Aden conflict he was on one of the last ships to enter the Suez Canal on the north bound convoy where they were fired on from shore installations but they managed to turn around and run south, fortunately without casualties.

It was then eight months before they finally got back to the UK.

Bill holds the Armed Forces Veteran’s medal for the Merchant Navy and two Commemorative medals.

He is an active member of the Merchant Navy association and an associate member of the Submariners Association.