Urged to tackle climate change

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey has highlighted the need for individuals as well as Government and the public and private sectors to contribute to tackling climate change.

Mr Dey brought the issue to the fore during a Scottish Parliament debate on Thursday on the subject of climate change.

He said: “If we are to successfully counter climate change and meet our domestic commitments in that regard then we cannot leave it to government alone. The private sector and the rest of the public sector must also play a part whilst it is incumbent on all of us as individuals to accept a degree of responsibility too. It is surprising how the smallest of measures can produce a tangible return in this regard. A parliamentary colleague faces a 170 mile car journey from his constituency to Holyrood. He decided to use cruise control o cap his top speed at five miles per hour lower than usual. That small change reduced his fuel usage and Co2 emissions by 10 per cent whilst adding only six minutes to the journey. Of course there’s the bigger picture involving nations really coming together to tackle emissions and we in Scotland meeting our ambitious but achievable environmental targets. On an individual level we should all be considering what easily implemented, low inconvenience behavioural changes we could make to ensure we leave a less damaging footprint on the environment.”