Unanimous support for one-way system

FORFAR Community Councillors have given their unanimous backing to the retention of the one-way system currently operating in Castle Street.

At their meeting on Thursday, they noted Angus Council had entered into a consultation period, which will end on November 7.

They had been asked to give their views on the system, which sees traffic flowing in one direction from the junction with Canmore Street to the Cross.

The new system had been introduced on June 27 last year and the local authority’s roads department is now conducting the consultation process.

Members heard the one-way system had been introduced to remove congestion in Castle Street, to increase parking provision and to allow the investigation of footway widening.

Members felt the system had brought many benefits to the centre of the town, for pedestrians and motorists alike.

They were unanimous in their belief that the pilot project had been successful.

Members stated pedestrian safety had been improved and feared that, if the two-way system was re-introduced, there would be more accidents. They felt the majority of people in the town had said it has been successful, and that it was much safer for the infirm to cross the road.

Chairman Mrs Isobel Ross said she felt the one-way system made it easier for people to move about the town centre, while community councillor Tom O’Brien added it had removed the bottlenecks which were a regular feature in the past when lorries were unloading goods to local shops.

He said: “Now, if there are deliveries, there is always room to get past. Before when lorries, or bin lorries were in the street, the whole street used to come to a standstill.”

The possibility of pavement widening in the narrow part of the street down beside Small’s was also welcomed, with Marion Fenwick commenting it would help pedestrians browse and look in the shops.

Community councillor Mike Lawson called, once again, for better policing of those parking on double yellow lines in the town centre. He felt the issue of those parking illegally should be tackled by the authorities in an attempt to make traffic flow more freely in various parts of the town. Freda Napier quipped that people in Forfar would “drive into the shops if they could”, while Alistair Cormie added Forfar was “blessed” with its free car parks.

Members voted unanimously to contact the council to support the one-way system.