Twelve-hour service for church renovation

The Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin of the East and Old Parish Church proved she loves speaking about God by completing a 12-hour sponsored service on Sunday.

From 8 a.m. to 8.20 p.m. the minister conducted 12, one-hour services non-stop to raise funds for the church’s £1 million renovation project.

Fuelled throughout the day by a steady stream of hot drinks with honey and lemon to help her voice, as well as snacks, she led the congregation through the services which dealt with every month of the year.

Each service had received sponsorship from a local business, and members of the congregation, family and friends gave donations for their favourite hymns and Bible readings.

She had hoped to raise £1,000 but at the time of going to press £3,500 had been pledged, which will be further boosted by Gift Aid.

After the event she said: “I am absolutely thrilled to bits. Everyone was so supportive. Members of the Lowson, St Margaret’s. Dunnichen, Letham and Kirkden as well as members of the congregation in Abbotsford Church in Clydebank where I did my probation, took part. Members of the gym I go to and Strathmore Primary School Council also took part. I just love talking about God and how He impacts on us so I thought this was the best thing I could do.”