Traffic calming measures

Possible traffic calming measures on Piperdam’s Osprey Road were under the spotlight of Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee yesterday, as the Forfar Dispatch went to print – with the recommendation that road humps are provided once the whole length of road is adopted by Angus Council.

Osprey Road within the Piperdam development is relatively new, having only been adopted by Angus Council for the first 360 meters.

Scottish Water have yet to confirm that they will adopt the drainage system taking road surface water, and until such time the remainder of Osprey Road remains the responsibility the developer and so is not on the list of public roads.

A parking survey along Osprey Road, taken at various dates and times showed that there were no vehicles parked along the length of the road.

The recommendation for Osprey Road is to provide physical measures, road humps, once the whole length of road is added to the list of public roads.

It has been recommended that the committee agrees that the Head of Roads carries out a public consultation about the recommended speed cushions before reporting back to the committee.