Traditional music

The Glenesk Retreat is well-known as a particularly special place to hear and play traditional music.

Musicians and the audience always receive a warm glen welcome at this community owned and run visitor centre.

This summer’s inspiring music continues on Sunday, August 28, from 3 pm to 6 pm, with some of the county’s most highly acclaimed traditional musicians, Roy Henderson with Gordon and Davey Ewan.

The event is part of a county-wide programme of music from TradAngus, a talented group of musicians, dedicated to the lively art of traditional music.

The Retreat is delighted to host on fiddles and button box, the Ewan brothers, Gordon and Davey, together with the inspiring guitar and song of Roy Henderson.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the music for free and, in trueTradAngus fashion, to join in the session with a tune or a song.

As the bracken browns and the days shorten, the Retreat still has many events to offer before the autumn, including the UK’s first ever caravan puppet theatre on Saturday, September 10, with drop in Victorian toy making and on October 22 a dinner to celebrate the museum’s founder Greta Michie.

“We are looking forward to a lively session of music on August 28,” said manager Anna Robson.