Top class service softens blow of overpriced fare

Nando's in Dundee.
Nando's in Dundee.

I decided to go a little bit different for my restaurant review and head to a chain - something we really tend not to do.

It was Nando’s in Dundee that was lucky enough to receive our custom as my friend and I headed along for a pre-cinema meal on Saturday evening.

There was a bit of a queue when we arrived but we were seated immediately, at the “last table in the building” because it was just the two of us and those waiting were all larger parties - sometimes it pays to have no pals.

The lad who seated us was a lovely fellow, cracking jokes as he showed us to our table.

He told us that the table marker had been stolen so we could pick our favourite number between 40 and 100 - a tough decision saw us opt for 46.

The biggest criticism you’ll ever see about Nando’s is the food is overpriced, and it is, but that’s the status quo for popular chains.

There’s also money to be saved on the menu and we opted for a menu platter to share - a whole chicken, a large portion of peri peri fries and two bottomless drinks for just £19.95 - put against the £19 single meal bought by the chap in front of me, that’s pretty good.

The cashier apologised and said the food would be 15 minutes or so - hardly an inconvenience on a busy Saturday night - and it didn’t even take that long to come.

There was plenty of meat on the bone and it was nicely spiced to a medium level, so the moist chicken wasn’t overtaken by excessive heat.

I had to encourage my friend to have her share of the fries, because they’re like catnip for me and I was very aware she was unlikely to get any of them if she hesitated.

With the main meals polished off we decided on desserts, and a staff member came to clear our table and take our order.

This guy was even funnier than the one who had taken us to our table, and we were delighted to chat to him for five minutes after he took our orders - both of us deciding on the terrific white chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake (quite the mouthful in more ways than one) for £4.15.

Overall, the food was great if not still a bit pricey, but the service was simply excellent.