Thoughts on increasing the CCTV cameras

OUR FACEBOOK page has been flooded with comments about whether CCTV could help reduce crime in Castle Street.

Last week we brought you the story that shopkeepers are working in conjunction with Tayside Police to stop break-ins from happening.

While shop keepers were pleased with the help from Tayside Police they were calling for more CCTV coverage.

Here are just a selection of your comments.

Stevan Hogg said: “More CCTV cameras would be welcome in Castle Street. Only people that would be uncomfortable with more would be the people that are up to no good.”

Jean Spuddie Gardner agreed: “With so many places of entertainment in the Castle Street area, I’m surprised there aren’t already more CCTV cameras there.”

However, Kay Geddes is strongly against CCTV: “I’m not a troublemaker or a criminal but am strongly against more CCTV anywhere. We do not live in a Communist state and don’t need big brother watching our movements. Shops need more security.”

Arthur Smith agreed that shops should have better security, he said: “More cameras would be an advantage at night time.

“Better shop security to avoid break ins also, security starts at home and the tax payers should not have to pay for more CCTV cameras to keep a shop safer.”

Marley Laurie feels that the police should still do more, she said: “CCTV doesn’t do anything except save money - a camera is cheaper than a police officer on the beat.

“How about the police patrol a bit more?”

Roger Kennedy feels he has the answer, he said: “It all boils down to the courts handing out stiffer sentences, the greater the deterrent then hopefully they heed the message and the crime rate may fall.

“Money spent on cameras should go to other needed town projects.”