There is a need for another hotel in town

Forfar Community Council chairwoman Isobel Ross has reinforced the point that Forfar is in desperate need of another hotel in town.

Speaking to the Dispatch and Herald, she said the need for a hotel had recently been confirmed to her by someone looking for a bed and breakfast room in the town for the night.

After approaching many of the businesses around the town to find that they were all fully booked, a room was found instead at the Thrums Hotel in Kirriemuir.

Mrs Ross said: “If we had a hotel then this wouldn’t have happened.

“I hope we do get someone into the Royal Hotel soon because this is potential business that is leaving the town and going elsewhere.”

She added: “But on the other hand this does mean that the town is busy and that can only be a good thing.”

And our Facebook page has also been full of comments agreeing that there is a great need for a hotel in Forfar.

Susan Smart said: “Overnight accommodation is rare in Forfar.

“Useless if you need to spend a few days researching family history.”

Dave Dunlop said: “It’s a no brainer.

“A well run hotel in the town could make a killing.

“If you want to hold a wedding reception or big party you’re so limited.”

Kylie Bowie added: “I loved The Royal when it was open.

“It had a private gym to use, the nightclub was close to the town centre - it’s about time something was done with it.”

And a number of commenters highlighted the recent Forfar Athletic v Rangers game where both the Rangers team and Sky TV staff had to find accomodation elsewhere.

Jean Spuddie Gardner said: “A good quality hotel is much needed, maybe then a football team recently visiting Forfar would have stayed in town instead of Carnoustie!”

Christine Gibson added: “Where do football teams and media involved, like Sky TV, who were here for three days recently, stay?

“It is embarrassing that they had to go out of the area to stay.”

There are also hopes for more jobs in the town. Marion Prophet said: “We definitely need it.

“It would bring jobs for a lot of Forfar folk and it would be a nice place for weddings and the like which Forfar is sadly missing.”

Morag Ann Wood added: “Yes it would be great to see it all done up as it was a great hotel in its day.

“It’s an eyesore for the centre of town and bring some more jobs to the town.”

Other commentators are hoping that a new owner at the hotel would mean an improvement to the look of that area of Castle Street.

Lauren McLaren said: “It might make that side and where the Royal Hotel was a bit cleaner and less run down looking.

“It looks a bit of an eyesore at the moment really.”

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