The Vet Says

CONTINUING our series of articles written by the vets and nurses at the Thrums Veterinary Group.

Everyone likes a party night and this is especially true for our younger patients.

Our puppy parties have grown to be very popular with clients, pups and ourselves all for a variety of reasons.

We encourage all puppies, which have been vaccinated, to come along for a series of three weekly evenings with it’s owner, basically to run about, meet other dogs and have some fun.

This might sound a bit whimsical but this is a very important part of a pup’s education.

A puppy, as with any animal has to learn about its environment and just like a human will learn best when it is a youngster. Up until the age of about 16-18 weeks a pup will be curious and will usually react positively to something new it


After 16-18 weeks it will react increasingly with a fear response. This fear can often manifest itself as aggression. A great number of people comment to us that their pet does not like other dogs and often will growl and show it’s teeth.

If these dogs had been exposed to other dogs from an earlier age this aggression would be greatly reduced.

Most dogs dislike coming to the vet, which can be understandable. Usually they either get an injection or their temperature taken and I can fully appreciate this aversion.

However when pups which have been to our puppy parties come in for further examinations they are a lot more friendly, less fearful and so less aggressive. They remember the carry on they had at the parties, the wee treats and the fun, enjoyable experience.

This makes the trip far less traumatic for the pet and also for the owner.

From our point of view we also find it more enjoyable!

It is often difficult to take in all the information available when you come in to get your pet vaccinated so we find the puppy parties are ideal to go over some of the basics again. While the pups run wild, we can take time to go over various topics such as diet, dental care, first aid, training, health checks, microchipping and obedience to name but a few.

We aim to provide correct information to owners so that they can prevent a great number of problems/ This should allow them to have a pet who will live a longer and healthier life with fewer visits to the vet. We encourage all breeds to come along and join in the fun so that the wee Jack Russell could experience a rather larger Great Dane and visa versa.

We find that the classes are often booked up well in advance which is a sure sign that everyone finds them useful and it’s not just the free biscuits that is drawing pups and their new owners in.