The Vet Says

CONTINUING our series of articles on pet topics written by the vets and nurses at the Thrums Veterinary Group.

Vets are expensive! This is a statement that we have all heard many times over the years, and although we like to think that we offer good value for money, there is little doubt that good quality treatment for your pet is not cheap.

Medical inflation has been running at a very high rate over the past decade or more. This fact is particularly painful given the current state of our economy!

The standard of veterinary care your pet is now receiving is likely to be leap years ahead of what was considered normal even 15 or 20 years ago. The facilities available in most surgeries are far in advance of what was expected a short time ago and indeed in some cases are significantly better than in many hospitals. In our own practice, we are now routinely undertaking advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques on an almost daily basis, allowing our beloved pets to enjoy a far better life than ever would have been possible before. In addition, we are continually investing in the most advanced and up to date equipment and training.

As time goes by clients expect and demand much higher standards of service and care. This has raised the standards within our profession but unfortunately all of these changes come at a cost; because of our reliance on the NHS, most members of the public have little idea of the true cost of private medicine.

Because of this progress, it is inevitable that some clients will be unable to afford the best possible treatment for their pet. Imagine the very real situation where your pet has been run over and has multiple fractures. We can carry out advanced orthopaedic surgery with a high likelihood of full recovery but unfortunately you cannot afford the anticipated bill which is likely to be well into four figures. Most people would not want to consider the other options but unfortunately many have to.

Fortunately, however, there is a very good solution to this problem – Pet Insurance! Many of our clients with new pets will now already taken out insurance. With a suitable policy, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that for a small monthly premium, the worries associated with illness or injury will not be financial ones. We constantly urge our clients to consider such a policy as soon as possible. Time and time again we hear the words – “we were just about to take out a policy”. This is almost inevitably when the X Ray has just revealed that your new puppy has swallowed a stone and you are about to be faced with a very large bill!

Although most vets are not qualified to advise specifically on different policies, we can discuss pet insurance with you in general. Some practices are now able to offer you an extremely affordable “accident only” insurance policy which can be “tacked onto” a discounted monthly payment plan for worming and flea treatment for your pet. We have very recently introduced this at Thrums Vet Group and are happy to discuss it with any of our clients.

Insure your pet today!