The show will not go on for Forfar panto

THE Forfar Musical Society have had to take the difficult decision to not stage their annual pantomime during the festive period this year, writes Sarah McLean.

Despite plans to stage ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in the Reid Hall in the run up to Christmas members cite lack of enthusiasm as the reason to withdraw.

Society member Marley Laurie said: “Basically we have no men wanting to take part in the pantomime and we need guys for the principal roles.

“Usually we’re able to persuade some people or call in a few favours but we’ve had to give up and pull out of the panto.”

Each year has held it’s own difficulties for the members and committee of the society but for whatever reason this year, the centenary year, has proved the most challenging.

Marley said: “It’s always difficult but it has been even more difficult this year. I think it just comes down to people not supporting us.

“Everyone seems to be too busy or just can’t be bothered.”

The society will still be hosting some Christmas entertainment, however, with a Cabaret instead of the pantomime.

Marley said: “So at least there will be something.

She added: “We’ll also be holding Showstoppers next year which will be a bit of singing and a bit of dancing. Women are more likely to put themselves out there but we always struggle to find men.

“This means that we’re very limited to the kind of shows that we can put on.

“We were planning to host ‘Sleeping Beauty’ this year for the pantomime but we will be aiming to do the same next year. We just need to get more people involved and something needs to change.

“I don’t understand how you get all these guys going on TV talent shows but they won’t support their local societies - the place where they can hone their skills.

“If you don’t support something then it will fold.”

If you want to take part in any of the forthcoming shows pop along to the BB Hall on Monday nights at 7.30pm.