The countdown is on for statue funding

DD8 MUSIC members will launch their fund-raising appeal to bring a statue of Bon Scott to Kirriemuir in just under two weeks.

The launch will take place during this year’s Bon Fest which is set to be yet another sell out success.

They are hoping to site the statue in the centre of The Square in Kirriemuir, opposite the current Peter Pan statue - a tribute to J. M. Barrie.

The sculptor chosen for the job is the renowned John McKenna. He has worked on many high profile pieces with his work including the Auchengeich Miner and numerous football-related works including Celtic’s Jimmy Johnstone.

The money for the statue must be raised in 30 days so DD8 Music are asking that fans and locals can save what they can to give a little for the cause when the fund-raising begins on May 4.

DD8 Music are using the “crowd funding” site Kickstarter where people will be able to donate a certain amount of money and receive a reward in return.

On their Facebook page for the cause DD8 Music said: “Please start saving your money for this amazing cause and help be part of the Bon Scott statue in his home town of Kirriemuir.

“We can do this if we all donate just a little.”

A number of rewards will be available. If you give £1 you will get your name on the thank you page at and the knowledge that you helped build a permanent memorial to Bon Scott. For £5 or more you will also get a badge with the image of the final design, or £10 or more you will also get a postcard, for £25 or more you will also get a woven patch.

Feeling generous? For £50 or more you will also get an A4 poster, for £75 or more you will also get a T-Shirt, for £100 or more you will also get a limited edition A3 poster signed by John McKenna and ex-AC/DC player Mark Evans.

For over £250 you will also get a VIP pass to the 2014 Bon Fest where the statue is planned to be unveiled including the chance to meet Mark Evans in person.

For £500 or more you will also receive a limited edition 250mm resin replica of the finished statue.

For £1,000 or more you will have your name engraved on the statue as a permanent recognition of your donation to the project.

And if you donate a whopping £2,500 or more you will also receive a limited edition (10) bronze replica of the statue.

Bon Fest itself is looking to be a great weekend for Kirriemuir.

The annual event, now in its seventh year, sees hundreds of fans from the UK and worldwide flock to Kirriemuir to celebrate their idol.

And this year’s Bon Fest is due to start with a bang, with Italian band Buon Scotch recreating the famous AC/DC video ‘Long Way to the Top’ on the back of an open top lorry on the streets of Kirriemuir.

There will be a fantastic selection of local rock bands playing for free on both the Saturday and Sunday and the cream of European cover bands from Germany and Italy on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be two very special events during Bon Fest which fans are sure to enjoy.

On Sunday, May 5, there will be a talk by James Quinton on the life and lyrics of Bon Scott.

James will be flying in from Perth in Western Australia where he is completing a masters thesis on the subject. His informal lecture will trace the development of Scott’s craft, how events have shaped his lyrics and he will also discuss a couple of his techniques. The talk will take place at the Gairie Bar at 1 p.m.

John McKenna will also be making an appearance that afternoon when he will talk about some of his previous work and may even give some details about the statue.

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