Tayside services joint initiative

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TAYSIDE Fire and Rescue have joined forces with Police, the NHS and Angus Council to deliver a series of informative roadshows at various fruit farms throughout Angus.

The purpose of the roadshows is to deliver personal and health related information to the increasing multi-cultural population of migrant workers.

Community engagement practitioner, Rick Moore, from Tayside Fire and Rescue said: “Depending on what country you are from, Fire and Police emergencies can be dealt with very differently and we have endeavoured to promote the goodwill, openness and accessibility of our own services and dispel any fears that new migrant workers may have.

“It is essential that we educate all communities and work together to ensure no group is excluded from any local services regardless of their geographical or cultural origin.”

The group was originally formed when it was clear that many migrant workers did not have the knowledge to access basic health services and register with a local GP or how to report a crime and make a call to the emergency services.

Tayside Fire and Rescue realised that many migrant workers have not received any fire prevention education and therefore were more likely to have less awareness of safe practice such as not smoking in bed, not cooking under the influence of alcohol or disposing of cigarettes properly.

Language barriers, geographical location and misconceptions such as the fear of financial loss can also be off putting when medical care is required.

The roadshow was well received by all who attended and the information delivered will hopefully make the workers stay here in Angus a safer and more enjoyable experience.