Taxi operators’ call to return to former rank

THE chairman of the Forfar and District Taxi Operators Association has backed a call for the taxi rank to be returned to a site outside the former Woolworths building in Castle Street (see story above).

In light of a call for the one-way system to be reviewed, Mr Mitch Murray has intimated that, to date, the taxi drivers actually favour the system, but are asking Angus Council to reconsider the siting of the taxi ranks on both sides of Castle Street.

He said: “I think the one-way system is a lot safer and we are finding it easier.

“However, we have had talks with the roads department because both the taxi ranks outside Haldanes and The Royal are not long enough. The one at the Royal Hotel is really short.

“There should be room for two cars at Haldanes and two at the Royal. We are allowed four cars outside Specsavers but disabled drivers and “joe public” park behind us.

“We would prefer the taxi rank to be along one side of the street as it makes it easy to go east or west.

“We are waiting to see how the one-way system trials. There are a few moans and groans about traffic trying to turn right into the Myre round the barrier which has been put up.

“There have been a few misses and skiffs with traffic outside Specsavers, especially with HGVs. I believe a taxi was damaged the last time the one-way was in operation when the tail of a lorry swung round and tore off the wing mirror.

“We would still prefer all the taxis to be outside Woolies. At the moment the drivers are stuck in the car and we reckon it’s a bit dangerous. We would have preferred to be across at the Woolies side.”