Talk on Church worldwide

The recent meeting of Kirriemuir St Andrew’s Church Guild was conducted by Jean Elder and Ruth Fraser gave the reading before guest speaker Rev John Orr was introduced.

Mr Orr had chosen as his subject ‘The Church of Scotland Around the World’. He explained that there are 20 congregations outside the UK, mostly in Europe, many of which are called St Andrew’s, and described some of the work they are doing.

The Church in Malta is very involved with ‘Out of Africa into Malta’, a refugee programme. The congregation in Brussels attracts and welcomes those people who work for a time with the E.U. and appreciate an English-speaking service.

Mr Orr also talked about the Church in Budapest where Jane Haining looked after Jewish girls, refusing to return home, until she was arrested in 1944 by the Gestapo and sent to Auschwitz. Many of the Churches have multi-cultural congregations with first-hand knowledge of world problems.

Charlotte Brown thanked Mr Orr for his most interesting and informative talk.