Take the leap and quit smoking

Mike Weir, MP for Angus, is encouraging thousands of smokers to ‘take the leap’ and stop smoking this month on No Smoking Day.

This year smokers are being asked carry out the campaign slogan ‘take the leap’ from February 29 – leap year day – and get ready to quit on No Smoking Day itself – Wednesday, March 14.

Mr Weir said: “Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do to boost your health and the money in your pocket. Quitting can be hard, but there is lots of support available and you can do it in the knowledge that you’ll be one of thousands of others trying to do the same thing.”

One in five (21%)UK adults smoke, including 25 per cent of people in Scotland – the highest percentage in Great Britain. But UK figures show two thirds want to quit.

Vishnee Sauntoo, a smoking cessation adviser who now works on the No Smoking Day campaign, said: “Now is the time for smokers to get ready to quit, so stock up on patches and gum, or visiting your GP or stop smoking service for help and advice.” Further details on top quit tips are available from www.taketheleap.co.uk