Switched on for home safety

Tayside Fire and Rescue, in partnership with Angus Care and Repair, was awarded a grant from the Electrical Safety Council of £5000 to purchase Portable Appliance Testers and individually switched extension sockets.

Some staff from both organisations have been trained to test household appliances for safe operation and adequate insulation.

The launch took place at Brander Ha Sheltered Housing, Forfar on Tuesday (yesterday).

Tenants were asked if they had any appliances that required testing and officers went into their homes to do so.

The switched extension sockets that have been purchased are to be exchanged on a one-for-one basis with the older block style adaptors.

These can be fused or unfused and have been known to overload the household socket they are plugged into.

Switched extension sockets cannot draw more than the designed maximum of 13 amps from any socket.

Individual switching allows turning off appliances, as part of a safe bedtime routine, in line with Tayside Fire and Rescue advice.

Government statistics show that faulty electrical products and wiring cause a high percentage of fires in UK homes and only a quarter of all fires in homes are reported to the Fire and Rescue Service.

Tayside Fire and Rescue and Angus Care and Repair are keen to make Angus residents aware of potential hazards in order to keep people safe in their own home.

The extensions will only be issued as an outcome of accepting a home fire safety visit from Tayside Fire and Rescue which can be arranged by calling, 0300 123 9998, or texting “check” to 61611, or logging on to taysidefire.gov.uk.

Alternatively Angus Care and Repair will issue them as part of their ‘home safety’ or ‘safe as houses’ services.

The ‘home safety check’ is a room to room assessment in your home to establish any hazards or risks in the home.

The ‘safe as houses’ initiative is a security check and can fit security items such as door bars or smoke detectors if required. Both services are available to over 60’s or disabled people in Angus. Contact Angus Care and Repair on 01307 463232 or email enquiries@anguscareandrepair.org to arrange.