Support for young Forfar film maker

A scene from 'Time Teens: The Beginning'.
A scene from 'Time Teens: The Beginning'.

A young Forfar film-maker, whose work is about to hit the big screen, has thanked the local community for supporting his efforts.

Ryan Alexander Dewar (25) filmed in Forfar and Perth, with the Lowson Memorial Church in Forfar and Glamis Castle just two of the locations included in the feature film entitled ‘Time Teens: The Beginning’.

Filming is now almost complete and Ryan and Ian Grieve, who have solely produced the entire feature film, are about to edit the final version as they actively seek a sponsor.

Ryan said: “When we initially set out filming, it was to create a short film pilot for a television series that Ian had originally written. Our goal was to create the short film to gain interest in creating our television series.

“The film sat at 45 minutes long, too long for a short film and too short for a feature, therefore we absorbed the current footage, juxtaposing a secondary story alongside it, giving us a feature-length time.”

Cast members include ‘City Lights’, ‘Rab C Nesbitt’ and ‘Two Thousand Acres of Sky’ star Andy Gray; ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Katie Morag/Granny Island’ star Annie Louise Ross, ‘No73’ and ‘Stone of Destiny ‘actor Richard Addison, Dundee Rep’s Irene MacDougall and Liam Brennan who returned after his performance with Stephen Fry on Broadway to complete the plethora of Scottish theatre and TV performers.

Ryan continued: “One of our key aims is that we are a completely Scottish production and made locally to prove the point you don’t need to be a London or Glasgow production base to accomplish something of this stature. We are very proud we have filmed it all in the Tayside area, having utilised local professionals and businesses for locations and crewing. As director, I have found the community spirit overwhelming and wish to highlight that, without that, we could not have achieved a feature film in this way.”

A premiere will be held in Perth Cinema later this summer with horse chases, grand sweeping shots of Tayside, rooftop jumping and time travelling along with the drama of the characters’ journey. View a trailer on