Support for Bon Scott statue

SINCE the news broke that DDB Music are planning to honour AC/DC musician Bon Scott with a statue in his home town, support has grown at a frantic pace.

The Forfar Dispatch and Kirriemuir Herald Facebook pages have been full of supportive comments about the plan.

Bobby Stickah said: “People come far and wide to see the Bon plaque which has a reputation of being grand, but you can imagine the disappointment when people realise it’s just a boring square on the ground.

“Kirrie needs something really worth seeing in memory of Bon and a statue is more than worth it I would say.”

Danny Bamford agreed, commenting: “It is definitely a great idea to go ahead, I will support this as much as I can. I will be very upset is it doesn’t happen.”

Many went so far as to say they would like to see the statue in the square, however, the council has already said that this would be an impossibility.

Rab MacGregor said: “It should be in the square for all to see as they come into town. And not hidden in a back street.”

Gareth Matheson added: “It’s a brilliant idea, and if space and regulations allow it should definitely be in the square next to Peter Pan, Bon Scott deserves no less publicity than Peter Pan as a symbol of Kirriemuir.”

Lisa McKelvie took a more philosophical approach: “I think this is an excellent idea but I don’t think Cumberland Close is the best idea. I think it should it be in a more open place as working in my shop and hearing customers opinions every day Bon Scott is more popular than J.M Barrie and Peter Pan!

“But at the end of the day a statue is a statue all the same.”

Leaca Crawford said: “It is a fantastic idea, although I agree it would be great to see the statue in the square alongside Peter Pan statue to celebrate all that Kirrie has to offer,.

“Our wee town is not what it used to be with shops and big hotels and pubs closed so something to get more tourism can only be a good thing! Good luck DD8!”

Rachel Jackson agreed that it could be a good move to bring more tourists to the town. She said: “The Bon Scott connection brings lots of foreign tourists into the town so a statue is a great idea, perhaps someone could open a Bon Scott hotel to help with the lack of accommodation too!”

DD8 Music have started a Facebook page where locals and those from further afield can go to add their support for the cause.

You can find the page at

The chosen sculptor, John McKenna, said on the Facebook page: “I see the publicity is rising on the project which is very encouraging.

“I am excited about undertaking the creation of a statue to Bon Scott.

“Many years back when I was a teenager AC/DC was a favourite band amongst other rock groups, never thought then I would be a sculptor and making a statue of an international rock legend. It would never have entered my head as it was bangin’ away to a Whole Lotta Rosie.”

To see some of John’s work please visit