Stroke awareness campaign

NHS Tayside’s FAST stroke awareness campaign held a series of roadshows in Tayside last week in a bid to raise public awareness of the symptoms of stroke.

Stroke is the greatest single cause of severe disability in Scotland and the third most common cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

Stroke impacts on the lives of many others who provide care to those who have suffered a stroke. In Tayside last year over 900 people were admitted to hospital with a stroke, so it is vitally important that people recognise that stroke is a medical emergency.

An information stand was set up in the Co-op superstore, The Roods, in Kirriemuir, from 10 am until 3 pm last Wednesday, manned by health professionals and volunteers.

Shoppers wre invited to take a few minutes and visit the stand where they were be able to pick up an information leaflet to help them recognise the symptoms of stroke.

They were also be able to find out about reducing salt and cholesterol levels, as well as have their blood pressure checked as high blood pressure is a major risk factor.

Stroke is not something that only happens to older people: of the 13,000 strokes predicted to happen throughout Scotland this year, around 1000 will be people under 55 and 100 of these will be under the age of 30.

Gail Smith, Lead Clinician Stroke Managed Clinical Network, NHS Tayside, said: “That’s why it’s so important that people across Tayside recognise the symptoms of stroke and know to act fast by calling 999.”