Strathmore Speakers’ Club

THREE speeches made up the first half of the programme at the recent meeting of the Strathmore Speakers Club.

First to speak was Jim Gibb making ‘a speech for a special occasion’. This was a version of his ‘Speed the Plough’ speech given at the Cupar Burns Club the previous week in which he emphasised the importance of the farming community throughout the ages.

In awarding a pass, his evaluator, David Affleck, remarked how well Jim had crafted the speech in good taste and with sensitivity towards his audience. He felt sure that it must have been well received on the night.

David Binnie then came to the lectern with a speech entitled ‘Artisan or Artist’ in which he contrasted his own early working life as an apprentice dental technician with the age-old artistic skills of carving in wood, stone and ivory.

Third up was Douglas Wares with the unusual title of ‘Snail Mail, Pony Express’. This turned out to be a short history of the American Pony Express mail system and the reason for its introduction was the amazing system of riders relaying through 184 stations with fresh horses.

In his evaluation, Graham Carr congratulated Douglas for providing a gripping glimpse of US history laced with rich vocabulary and word pictures throughout.

The second half of the evening was given over to a debate chaired by Eric Summers who selected two teams. He invited them to debate at short notice the motion ‘This House Would Vote Yes’.

Pamela Howat redefined the motion as being a ‘Yes’ vote for curbing the spread of out-of-town supermarkets as these were ruining town centres, and her two team-mates, Helen Fleming and Denise McTaggart subsequently re-enforced her stance.

Anyone who would like more information about learning to speak in public in the friendly atmosphere of the Strathmore Speakers Club should contact Jim Smith on 01575 574435 or Jim Gibb on 01250.