Stranger awareness course completed

Stranger Awareness Course
Stranger Awareness Course

THE HEAD Instructor at Results Gym, George Bertie, has announced that his school has finished a three-week long stranger awareness course.

The course was aimed at pre-school children aged three to five teaching these important lessons in a safe and positive way.

Children have active imaginations and imagine that bad people who want to hurt them look scary or creepy.

George said: “We found that children are not too concerned about older ladies, pretty women, or kind looking men. Our course covered this issue and taught the children that they have to be careful around anyone they don’t know, no matter how they look.

“The course covered martial arts training for children, which included physical techniques and covered various stranger awareness topics over the three-week period.

“We find that the children often share these lessons with their friends, helping to spread the safety message throughout our community, while providing parents with greater peace of mind.”

Students received a stranger awareness checklist and after completing all the items on the list, they were presented with a stranger awareness certificate during a ceremony at results gym.

Anyone wishing to get a copy of the stranger awareness course should e-mail: with “Stranger Awareness” in the subject title and you can work on the worksheet at home with your child.

The next topic will be traffic safety starting next week, if you are interested in booking a place for your child please 01307 469787.