Sophie-Ann invited back to community council

THE ARTISTIC talents of pupils at Whitehills Primary School could soon be displayed around Forfar in an attempt to rid the town of dogs’ mess.

Young campaigner Sophie-Ann Robson will make a welcome return to Forfar Community Council on Thursday evening (tomorrow) to hand in the posters which she suggested could be drawn up in an attempt to get the message through to dog owners to pick up after their pets. Sophie-Ann addressed the January meeting of the community council and won the support of members. They supported her suggestion of getting the posters drawn up, and promised to run a competition with a prize for the best design. Sophie-Ann’s personal crusade to rid the route to and from her school was highlighted in a letter she sent to the Dispatch and Herald at the beginning of the year.

The primary four pupil was so fed up with constantly dodging the dog poo that she wrote to the paper to ask what could be done.

Her proud mum, Sarah, said: “Sophie-Ann has been invited back to Forfar Community Council this Thursday evening. She has a folder full of posters and is looking forward to going back and showing everyone the pupils’ work.”

Sophie-Ann highlighted the ongoing problem of dogs’ mess which has littered the pavement to and from Whitehills Primary School. Whilst there has been some improvement in the area since our articles, Sarah added that things have slipped back again. “That is why it is really important to do these posters as a constant reminder to dog owners to pick up.”