THE head of economic development at Angus Council has come up with a number of measures that may be taken to alleviate the access problems faced by a printing company situated in the Orchardbank Business Park on the outskirts of Forfar.

Responding to concerns raised by Astute (Scotland) Limited with regard to inconsiderate overnight parking by HGV drivers in Silvie Way, David Valentine has written to managing director Alastair Donald, outlining measures that could be implemented to deal with the problem.

Steps could include the promotion of further waiting restrictions, more police attention to deal with offending drivers and proposals for snow clearing on what is an unadopted stretch of roadway during wintry weather.

Mr Valentine said that, if the company was agreeable, the council would be willing to promote waiting restrictions specifically addressing the issues in the immediate vicinity of Astute's access-way.

"This will, however, take at least six months to implement once a decision is made," he added.

Mr Valentine goes on to point out that, as a condition of their licence, road haulage operators are required to park their vehicles overnight at their base or at a recognised lorry parking facility.

"For this reason Tayside Police will contact any offending road haulage operators in Silvie Way and, if necessary, will report them to the Traffic Commissioner."

Mr Valentine stresses that the police should be contacted if someone is causing a physical obstruction to premises.

"However, this only applies to an obstruction preventing a vehicle from egressing from the site."

The stretch of road leading to the Astute premises in the business park has not, as yet been adopted, and cannot be until an issue over the adoption of a sustainable drainage scheme by Scottish Water.

"We will of course mention Astute's business case in our next meeting with Scottish Water in an effort to expedite the adoption of Silvie Way. However, this issue will take some time to resolve."

On the subject of severe weather, as experiecned of late, Mr Valentine explains that, until now, a basic level of snow clearance has taken place on the road and council car parks at Angus House and the print unit which are both accessed from Silvie Way.

"Having investigated this matter, it would appear that, when snow clearing has taken place along Silvie Way, only part of the road has been cleared.

"From now on the whole length of Silvie Way will be cleared by the council to provide access to our print unit but this will, of course, be subject to available resources and will only provide a basic level of clearance.

"This is already and will continue to be of benefit to Astute, but if Alastair Donald feels that additional measures should be taken then we could ask neighbourhood services department staff to undertake these on the basis of an hourly charge to Astute being made to cover basic costs.

"Of course this arrangement would be superseded once the road is formally adopted.

"From then on the road would be treated as a "non priority" route in terms of the council's winter services policy."

Mr Valentine concluded by saying: "I am, as always, keen to do everything possible to alleviate difficulties faced by local companies.

"In an effort to further expedite matters I have asked for an early response to the suggestions made to Astute so that I can take these matters forward speedily for the benefit of those employed by the company."