Shopping online?

On OUR Facebook page we recently asked you for your thoughts about Christmas shopping.

Do you think the shops have been quieter this year and has online shopping taken over from our town centre?

Here are a selection of your replies.

Pauline Cameron said: “I think it’s quieter. I have been making cut backs and online shopping is far better, no stress.”

Christine Gibson said: “I have done most of my shopping online. In saying that, the remainder of my shopping has been bought locally in Kirriemuir and Forfar.

Gayle Black said: “I’ve done most of my shopping online and got the rest in Forfar - it is so much easier when you’re working and have young kids.”

Susan Smart feels that Forfar offers everything, she said:

“I love shopping in Forfar with your personalised shops and local businesses. Bigger town high streets are all the same stores, same layout and same stock.”

JenniCameron took a different approach, she said:

“I’ve made a few presents, also been shopping every month there has been specials on in the shops. I try to shop locally but the pricing can’t compete with the internet.”

Rob McPate added: “People are leaving it to the last thing as they know the retailers need to clear the stock, especially fresh products.”