Servite responds to AHA comments

The chairman of Servite Housing Association has defended the recent funding awarded to his organisation through the Scottish Government’s Innovation and Investment Fund.

Bill Roberton and Angus Council were criticised for “complacency”, “naivety” and of “sending out the wrong message” by Angus Housing Association (AHA) Director, Bruce Forbes, for their response to the decision to award just over £1 million of public subsidy for new homes to be built in the county.

Mr Roberton has stated that although he acknowledges that the current funding levels fell short of the actual housing needs of the country, he welcomes the opportunity to complete a development which will provide the area with 20 affordable houses.

He said: “Everyone is aware that the current climate is extremely difficult and that the funding cuts we have seen to the housing budget have hit hard, both in terms of the number of houses being built and the knock on effect in the construction sector.

“However, the reality is that funding has significantly reduced and demand for affordable housing in Angus is rising.

“So within these parameters housing providers can either decide not to develop or they can seek to find solutions which allow the provision of housing to continue.

“Servite has chosen the latter and will continue to find ways to provide affordable housing now and in the future and in doing so will work pro-actively and positively with the Council and other willing housing providers to do so.

“We remain delighted that our bid to the Scottish Government was successful and this will allow us to complete the development in Arbroath which will provide 20 affordable properties in the town.”