Senior prize-winners at Forfar Academy

The following senior pupils were among the prize-winners at Forfar Academy for session 2012-2013:-

Curricular area - expressive and performing arts:-

Prize for art and design, Robyn Moffat Wall. The Joyce Herron Memorial Award for Art, Bartosz Masiak. Prize for music, Jessica Morton. John Grant Prize for music, Sarah Niven. Ogilvie McDuff Robertson Award for music, Ailsa Gill. Prize for drama, Jessica Morton.

Curricular area - business and computing studies:-

Wesleyan Assurance Society Prize for accounting and finance, Adam Coventry. EQ Accountants prize for effort and commitment to business and finance, Eilidh Fletcher, Scott Kemp, Aimee-Louise Laing and Louise McIntosh.

Prize for computing, Callan Garratley.

Curricular area - English:-

Scott Medal and prize for English, Eilidh Collins. Susan Anderson Johnston Essay prize, Neil Aitken. Margaret Hardie Shield for A H English, Erin Bertram.

Curricular area, health improvement:-

Prize for physical education, Victoria Millar. Prize for health and food technology, Louise McIntosh.

Curricular area, mathematics:-

Ben Thomson medal and prize for mathematics, Eilidh Collins.

Curricular area, modern languages:-

Prize for French, Lynsey Gerrie.

Curricular area, sciences:-

The Laura Forbes Shield and prize for biology, Daniel Baty. Price for human biology, Victoria Millar. Prize for chemistry and prize for physics, Daniel Baty.

Curricular area, social subjects:-

London Angus Cup and Edinburgh Angus Club Prize for history, Eilidh Collins.

Prize for managing environmental resources, Tom Watson.

Prize for philosophy, Chester Cornford.

Angus College Prize for psychology, Kelly McCubbin.

Curricular area, technical subjects:-

Prize for graphic communication, Caitlin Adams. Prize for technological studies, Cameron Mollins.

Dux of school - prize for biology (Laura Forbes Shield), chemistry, physics, Edinburgh Angus Club prize for Dux of School and Jenny Lowson Dux Medal, Daniel Baty.

Dux of school - Scott Medal and prize for English, Ben Thomson Medal and prize for mathematics, London Angus Cup and Edinburgh Angus club prize for history and Edinburgh Angus Club prize for Dux of School and Jenny Lowson Dux Medal, Eilidh Collins.

Appointment of senior prefects:

Head boy, Daniel Baty. Head girl, Victoria Millar. Deputy head boy, John Watson. Deputy head girl, Jessica Morton.

Pupil Council chair, Mark Hood. Charities Committee chair, Holly Richardson.

House captains: Cally, Darcy MacDiarmid and Caitlin Adams. Lethnot, Gavin Thomson and Eilidh Collins. Moy, Deane Leith and Kirsty Cheyne.