Scottish Water price freeze

In April 2012 household water charges will remain frozen ensuring our customers continue to get real value for money.

This means water charges have remained at the same level for four years.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Water charges help pay for the investment which is needed to ensure we continue to deliver clearer, fresher drinking water at its highest quality, protect the environment and continue to improve service to our customers.

“The fact that charges are being kept at the same level for the fourth year running is a tribute to the efforts of management and everyone who works at Scottish Water in creating an even more efficient Scottish Water.”

The average household charge will remain at £324 – the same level it was in 2009/10.

The spokesperson added: “At £324, the current average household bill in Scotland is almost the lowest in Great Britain. This freeze in charges in 2012/13 means that we continue to be among the lowest in the UK while at the same time improving our service to customers, tackling leakage and delivering the investment Scotland needs.

“In this five year regulatory period we are investing £2.5 billion in projects across Scotland, working in communities from Stranraer to Shetland to play our part in improving the quality of life in villages, cities and the countryside.”

As part of its regulatory contract agreed for the five years from 2010-2015 Scottish Water will deliver a massive investment programme supporting thousands of jobs across Scotland.