Scottish Water offer winter advice

WITH the return of low temperatures in Scotland, Scottish Water is reminding people to ensure their properties are protected and to play safe around watercourses.

Scottish Water are asking people to ensure that their properties are protected and urging them to follow a winter code which is a set of simple steps to protect your pipes, be prepared and heat, insulate and protect your property - whether it’s your home or a business premises.

Scottish Water’s winter campaign is advising people what steps to take to help prevent a burst or frozen pipe, how to locate their stop valve, what to do in an emergency and how they can help.

Customers are being advised to follow the winter code by insulating and protecting pipes, leaving heating on at a low setting, have someone who can check your property if you are going away, turning of water if your property is going to be vacant, keeping insurance documents safe and water tight, know where your stop valve is, keep a note of the telephone number of a licensed plumber, keep an eye out for neighbours and take note of the Scottish Water Customer Helpline number which is 0845 6018855.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s Customer Service Delivery Director, said: “Customers who take action to heat, insulate and protect their properties can avoid considerable headache and heartache.

“Our winter campaign aims to inform our customers, homeowners and businesses about the importance of protecting their pipes to avoid the hardships that so many experienced two winters ago. Unfortunately, many customers found out in the winter of 2010-11 that the real problems start when temperatures begin to rise again after such a cold snap. This can lead to pipes expanding and bursting.”

This year, Scottish Water has again joined forces with the Scottish Government’s Ready for Winter? Campaign and the British Red Cross as well as partnering with a range of bodies such as landlord and housing associations and plumbers’ federation SNIPEF - to help spread our message.

Scottish Water is also advising customers that they should not take any risks around watercourses.

Parents should keep their children safe and adults should act responsibly around watercourses. Our advice is that people should not wander too near the edge because they could slip and fall in. Dogs also need to be kept on a lead if they are being walked near reservoirs and other bodies of open water.

Dogs need to be kept on a lead if they are being walked near reservoirs and other bodies of open water such as rivers and burns, in case they experience difficulty.

Visit where you can find more detailed winter information, films and advice.