Schools in Angus make good progress

ANGUS Council’s director of education has declared that the new Curriculum for Excellence has so far proved to be a success.

Speaking at a recent meeting of the education committee, Neil Logue highlighted the progress made by the new curriculum so far.

A report must be submitted to the Scottish Government by the end of this month detailing the development of the curriculum since its formal implementation.

Mr Logue said: “Angus schools have made significant progress in implementing the new curriculum.

“School staff have worked hard to ensure that the transition from the old to the new curriculum will be a smooth and positive experience for pupils.

“This work is continuing apace as new ways of working and achievements to date become embedded in day to day practice.

“Further developments, in particular, developments within the senior phase are being planned diligently and enthusiastically by key networks in which promoted school staff play a welcome and major role.”

He added: “Angus schools are continuing to respond well to the training, resources, networking opportunities and practical advice provided by education authority in delivering the ambitions of Curriculum for Excellence.

“Opportunities are actively sought to seek the views and opinions of school staff, pupils and parents about changes to the curriculum.

“This partnership approach to taking forward the reform of the curriculum will continue to be an integral feature of our commitments to improve outcomes for Angus children and young people.”

Thus far, the curriculum has proved to provide a boost for exam results in both Maths and English.

Mr Logue said: “Analysis of the 2011 diet of SQA performance in Maths and English has shown welcome improvements in performance in almost all schools at Level Three or better.

“Overall, S4 attainment in English and Maths combines at Level Three was 94 per cent, the highest performance since 2001,” he concluded.