Scam housing survey claim

Beware of bogus callers.
Beware of bogus callers.

Angus Council is warning all its tenants to be alert to a cold caller claiming to have the council’s permission to undertake roof and wall surveys.

While the caller refused to state which company they represented, there is no doubt that Angus Council has not given them permission to contact tenants.

The doorstep patter mentioned a surveyor visiting the area at a later date and the offer of a special deal, but no mention of costs.

The resident who opened their door to the caller sent them on their way, despite their persistence for a sale, and contacted Angus Council.

Tenants are urged to do the same if they receive a knock at the door.

July is Scam Awareness Month and the local authority urges you to be on your guard for cold callers, bogus salesmen and rogue workmen.

There is lots of useful information on how you can protect yourself from cold callers on Angus Council’s prevent doorstep crime pages here: and you can find out about current scams that have been reported to them on their scams warning pages.

You can also report scams and bogus callers using an online form, here:

Why not download a DOORSTOPPERS warning sticker or pick one up from your local ACCESS office or library? It states you do not want cold callers at your door.

If you do need work done, ask friends or neighbours for recommendations or use a Trusted Trader via the Angus Reputable Trader Scheme. You can also get information from the ACCESSline.

And please be a good neighbour. If your neighbour lives alone, is elderly, or vulnerable and you see work being done in their house or garden, then take an interest, be suspicious, be a wee bit nosey!

If you have concerns over who is carrying out the work check with trading standards via ACCESSLine. Reporting incidents helps to fight doorstep crime.

If you think a crime is being committed or you or someone you know feels threatened, contact Police Scotland on 101.