Salvation Army’s booklet of memories

AN enlightening “trip down memory lane” by clients of the Salvation Army’s Community Care Service (Angus) is proving a popular reminder of days gone by.

In her role as chaplain to the service users, Major Sandra McCluskey listened to stories of the early life of some of them. It was felt these stories were so interesting that they should be made known to a wider audience.

Some of them have now been published in a booklet entitled “Did You Really?”, which was launched last week.

Stories of the Arbroath Spitfire Red Lightie and Enoch Powells’ visit to the county to speak on the possibility of Britain joining the European Common Market – quite a topical subject – are made more interesting by being told by people who were there at the time.

The introduction tells how older people of today have lived in a world that has seen so much change, advances in technology, the impact of several wars, space exploration and ever decreasing social stability which seems to have depreciated their value – hence the collection of stories.

It continues: “These memoirs paint a picture of very different lifestyles and experiences. They are a reminder of how these men and women contributed to not only their generation but also to ours. The vibrancy of their youth shines through every word and activity described, also their continued thirst for life.

“We are grateful to those who participated in this venture and trust that everyone who reads this booklet will indulge in their own journey “down memory lane”. The booklet has been distributed to all Community Care Service users and a talking book version is also available. They are available from The Salvation Army, Chapel Street, Forfar, DD8 2AB.