THE twinning links between primary schools Letham and Monasterboice in Ireland are to be further strengthened – thanks to a £250 Forfar Roof Truss Company award.

Letham and District Twinning Association (LDTA) has been instrumental in bringing Letham Primary School and St Buite's National School together.

As a result of the partnership between the twinning association, Angus Council IT department and Angus Council education department, pupils and staff of both schools can now communicate via the Angus Council 'Glow Meet' video conferencing system, albeit in a limited way.

In order to enhance this experience and prepare for a proposed exchange visit in the spring of next year, which should see staff and pupils of St Buite's coming over to Letham for a cultural exchange, LDTA has embarked on a project to supply Letham Primary School with the equipment it needs to get the best out of the Glow Meet system.

"Through the video conferencing system, pupils and staff will be able to organise the visit, rehearse material and build relationships before any visit," explains an LDTA spokesperson.

"Very importantly, parents who are to be hosting, will be able to meet the pupils they will be hosting and the parents of these pupils, thereby taking the unknown out of the visiting experience."


LDTA has produced a Letham calendar for 2011 and this is now on sale.

The proceeds will go towards the purchase of a screen, a set of high quality speakers, a trolley and electrical wiring – equipment a site survey has identified as necessary for the best use of the system.

The cost of this equipment will be in the region of 600 .

The 250 Forfar Roof Truss Company award, made just before Christmas, will allow the purchase of the audio visual equipment almost immediately and accelerate the enhancement of the conferencing facility for staff, pupils, parent councils on both sides and both the Letham and Monasterboice Twinning Association.

For those groups, clubs, organisations and individuals in the Forfar-Kirriemuir area unsuccessful with their application, the Forfar Roof Truss Company Limited sponsorship scheme continues in the coming year.

Each month during the year a worthy individual or organisation will be selected to receive a 250 sponsorship cheque.

The money could be used, for example, by playgroups for equipment or outings; to provide entertainment for sheltered housing residents or books for schools; by individuals embarking on a major charity fund-raising exercise; by sporting groups seeking to purchase new gear; or by students seeking cash to fund voluntary work overseas during a gap year; the list is endless.

If you feel you or your organisation could benefit from a 250 boost you should apply in writing to "Forfar Roof Truss Company Sponsorship Project", c/o Angus County Press Limited, 117-119 Castle Street, Forfar, DD8 3AH, by the last day in any given month.

Accompanying your application should be details (no more than 300 words), providing relevant background information on you or the organisation you represent and how the 250 could be used.

Repeat applications will be accepted, although successful applicants in any given month will not be re-considered during the remainder of the year.

Each month, the successful applicant will feature in an article in the "Dispatch" and "Herald", to accompany the presentation of the cheque by a representative of Forfar Roof Truss Company Limited.

The judging panel will comprise members of the Angus County Press editorial staff - and each month the decision will be final.