Roods Bar commissions special ale for royal visit

A SPECIAL commissional ale will be served up at the Roods Bar to welcome Her Royal Highness Princess Anne when she visits Kirriemuir next week.

Whilst on a packed tour, Princess Anne will stop off in the local area on Tuesday, October 16.

She will attend a reception in the Canmore Room in Forfar as she is the president of Victim Support Scotland. The reception will be hosted by Angus Council in order to mark Victim Support Angus’ 20th anniversary.

She will then continue with her trip on to Kirriemuir where she will visit J & D Wilkie Ltd’s Marywell Works. J & D Wilkie Ltd is a privately owned global technical and textile manufacturing company. The company recently received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade for its outstanding commercial success and growth in overseas sales during the last three years.

Bob Low, from J & D Wilkie, is looking forward to the royal visit and he will be taking the Princess on a tour of the factory. He said: “I will be showing her around the factory and the place will be running as normal. It is not every day you have royalty visiting your place of work!”

The ale, which has been brewed by the Inveralmond Brewery in Perth, will appropriately be called Roods Royal Ale as it will only be available at the Roods Bar and there will be one single keg produced which will contain approximately 30 litres of the beverage.

Ken Duncan, the head brewer at Inveralmond Brewery described the ale: “It has a very subtle hint of forest fruits and the aroma is both spicy and citrusy. There is a particularly malty palette which is combined with a good long lasting bitterness.”

The ale contains noble hops which are relatively low in bitterness but high in aroma. The varities used are Fuggles and Goldings and Ken described the colour of the ale as “pale amber.”

It was seen as “very fitting” for the ale to contain noble hops because of the regal name associated with them.

Ale denotes a brew which has been top-fermented and has fruity flavours. Beer is just a generic term that can mean anything from lager to stout. Every six months or so, Inveralmond Brewery make special ale for bars when the occasion demands it.

Jim Glendinning, who has owned the Roods Bar in Kirriemuir for five years, said: “We are excited to showcase the ale but we do not know if the Princess will actually sample the ale. The royal party will be more than welcome to visit us at the Roods Bar.”

Jim will be visiting Belgium to try some new beers during the royal visit but his wife Sylvia and son Jordan will be at the ready just in case the Princess pays a visit to the bar.