Rising Youngstars will be “off to see the wizard” in August

Pictured are some of the children who took part in the workshop.
Pictured are some of the children who took part in the workshop.

Rising Youngstars performance group has announced that its next show will be ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which will be staged next year.

The show was confirmed at the group’s final workshop session, which was held recently.

It was one of a series of workshops organised by the group that has proved to be very popular with around 30 to 35 children attending.

The session featured a Scottish theme that included ‘Brave’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Hairy McLairy’ and ‘The Gruffalo’ in Scots.

During the workshops the children covered singing, acting, costumes, make-up, improvisation and using their imaginations and having fun.

The final task was for the children to use what they had learned and come up with a short scene which they could show their parents that evening.

The childrens’ imaginations were amazing with ideas from ‘Peter Pan’ travels to Scotland with Wendy, John and Michael to meet Merida from ‘Brave’.

They also enjoyed a singing and dancing section from one of the groups from ‘Brave’ and using the props they had made during the workshops.

The final duo developed and performed a short play on Peter meeting Wendy and flying to Neverland.

Auditions for ‘The Wizard of Oz’ will be held in August, date to be confirmed. The announcement was well received by both children and parents at the workshop and the group hopes the show will be a hit with the audience too.

Fiona Retalic, Rising Youngstars founder, said: “We look forward to starting this exciting show in August and looking forward to seeing existing and new Rising Youngstars.”

Anyone interested in their child being a part of the show should contact Fiona on 07894 138890 with their child’s name, contact e-mail address and they will added you to Rising Youngstars’ contact list.

An e-mail will be sent to everyone with details of the first meeting in August and organisers will be happy to answer any queries that might be raised.