Reminder of road safety

THE IMPORTANCE of highlighting the road safety message to children and grandchildren was outlined to members of Forfar Community Council when they met on Thursday evening.

Attending his first meeting, Sergeant John Sargeant of Tayside Police said that, as pupils have recently returned to school following the summer break, Tayside Police is reminding everyone to take care on and around the region’s roads, particularly when travelling to and from school.

He asked members to advise family members of the road safety message and the dangers on the roads.

Sergeant Sargeant said: “School pupils are usually too busy chatting to their pals when they are walking to and from school and we ask you to advise them to be conscious of the dangers on the roads.”

In his report, he asked parents of children going by bus to ensure they understand the need for safe behaviour whilst waiting for and travelling on the bus.

“Once they get off the vehicle, make sure they know how to wait until it has moved off before attempting to cross the road. Where possible, they should always use a safe crossing place. If you are taking your child to school by car, ensure that they are suitably restrained and do not release their seat belt until the vehicle is safely stopped. Always let your child get in and out of your vehicle at the pavement side.”

Sergeant Sargeant’s report outlined the results of a speeding and inappropriate driving campaign held during the summer when 238 drivers were detected for speeding in July.

Two vehicles were seized for repeated inappropriate driving under Anti-social Behaviour legislation and three drivers were charged with careless or dangerous driving.

In addition, 12 drivers detected for drink/drug driving, three of these were reported to the police by members of the public and a further two were traced as a result of collisions.

The highest readings provided were 99 and 95 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, nearly three time the limit.