Relief over Forfar trusts

Forfar elected members of Angus Council have been congratulated for ensuring the running of a major trust will be not be altered.

There were fears the Strang’s Mortification Trust, which benefits the poor and needy of the town, would be swallowed up in an Angus wide trust. Members of Forfar community Council had voiced concerns that money gifted to the people of Forfar would be lost to other burghs.

However, at their meeting on Thursday evening, Forfar member Ian McLaren gave an update on the situation.

He said: “There are very minor changes to the charitable trusts for the Forfar ward. Two of the smaller trusts have been consolidated. They were specifically to provide assistance to the the residents of Lordburn House.

These funds will now be used for the Gables Residential Care Home, which occupies the site of the former Lordburn House. There are no changes to the Strang’s Mortification Trust. It will stand alone as a trust and bear it’s own audit and administration. It was gifted to the poor and needy of Forfar and that is the way it will continue.”

Chairman Mrs Isobel Ross said: “I am very pleased to hear that and congratulate the local members for sticking to their guns.”