Recognition for achievers

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AN AWARD ceremony which could become an annual event was held on Thursday evening in Kirriemuir to recognise the many achievements of pupils at Webster’s High School.

Organised by the Webster’s Parent Council, it recognised their important role in the community.

Angus councillor Major Ronnie Proctor was on hand to present the medals as follows:-

Certificate of Participation - Sports awards - Kieran Reid, Andrew Robertson, Gemma Robertson, Olivia Gorrell, Chloe Hunter, Kieran Cumming, Luis Fretwell, Marshall Gray, Morven Walker, Murray Forbes, Niamh Cameron, Calvin Ogilvie, Lisa Low, Sean Murphy, Ben Paterson, Zoe Wilkie, Demi-Lee Neish and Jack Wilkie.

Arts awards - David Stratton, Jamie Wilson, Kathryn Sinclair, Rebecca Reoich, Victoria Johnson, Chloe Jones, Lewis McClure, Robyn McLaughlin, Claire McNicol, Madeleine Heath and Rosie McLaughlin.

Charity Awards - Eilidh Durston.

Certificates of Achievement - Sports Awards - Laura Anderson, Scott Gordon, Gemma Robertson, Ryan Harper, Ryan Valentine, Tommy Read, Lucy Cameron, Laura Cameron, Amy Walker, Danielle Mackay, James Sheridan and Kieran Grant.

Arts Awards - Ben Anderson and Hamish Dale.

Charity Awards - Beth Christie, Chloe Baxter and Steven Murphy.

Bronze Awards - Sports - Robbie Bannerman, Morgan McVicar, Alec Stewart, Robbie Wills, Libby Todd, Murray Penman, Ross Prain, Danielle MacKay, Caitlin Whatley, Brandon McKinney, Rona Easson, Cameron Winter, Jordan Wilson and Mikey Ogilvie.

Bronze Awards - Arts - Freya Crompton, Mitchell Buchan and Aaron Steele.

Bronze Awards - Charity - Ruaridh McKean, Jamie Buchan, Holly Howie, Greg Bruce, Hayley Parkin, Megan Reith, Alix Shearer, Victoria Shearer, Madeleine Stork and Sam Scott.

Silver Awards - Sports - Levi Leith, Amanda-Leigh Hay, Sean Gibson, Diarmid Walker, Duncan Boath, Finlay Scott, Sophie Batchelor, Amber Ogg, Emily Thain, Georgia Downie, Jade Logan, Tasmin Glass, Lauren McKenzie, Ben Reid, Connor Campbell, Glen Barclay, Lachlan Peters, Louis Starkey, Erin Cattanach, Michael Brodie, Calum Sinclair, Dean Farquharson, Kyle Brooks, Lewis Headridge, Robbie Casey, Grace Eadie, Jack George, Alex Burke, Rebecca Elder, Angus Fairlie, Murray Fairlie, Jordan Headspeath, Anna Kidd, Calum MacDonald, Drew Speed, Rory Cowan, Scott McKenna, Christy Robertson, Megan Guild, Edie Muir and Rory Dyce.

Silver Awards - Arts - Rhona Lingard, Robyn Oliphant, Jamie Cairns, Amy Thomson, Tanisha Leeson and Sarah-Jane Millar.

Silver Awards - Charity - Conner Mitchell and Jack McLain.

Gold Awards - Sports - Ben Starkey, Holly Donaldson, Kirsty Brodie, Skye Redford, Hannah Dryden, Emily Simpson, James Baillie, Angus Redford, Rebecca Watt, Ruaridh Lawrie, Airlie McIntyre, Drew McLaggan, Callum Todd, Eilidh de Klerk, Layla Al-Saffar, Morven McLean, Robin Baillie, Robyn Hill, Louise Falcolner, Adam Flint, Katie Anderson, Neil Smith, Shannon Dalzell, Katie Phillips, Dana Soutar, Emily Rennie, Katy Dickson, Meganne Penman, Molly Redford, Murray Angus, Ailsa Peters, David Barr, Danielle Law, Emily Baillie, Jenna Dickson, Lydia McKenzie, Joe McKinney, Sally Kidd, Christie McNicol, Amy Doyle, Anna McFarlane, Ella Peters, Lucy McLean, Lucy Winter, Jodie Hutton and Kirsty Ferguson.

Gold Awards - Arts - Alice Marshall, Imogen Walker, Kirsty Randalls, Robyn Laird, Orla Sutherland, Kira Davies, Laura Cuthill, Alex Guthrie, Logan Robertson, Jenny Black, Caitlyn Marshall, Andrew Buchan, Donald Hobson, Amy-Jo Randalls, Philip Ironside and Lynn Simpson.

Gold Awards - Charity - Kayleigh Mackay, Calum Crompton, Evan Torrie and Leah Phin.