Raising awareness at Forfar Academy

Pupils at Forfar Academy were given the opportunity to learn another language without speaking when Deafblind Scotland’s “Touching Lives” project came to visit the school.

A member of Deafblind Scotland Fiona Linton along with her Guide/Communicator Fiona McCreadie taught the class of second year pupils deafblind manual. This is a tactile communication method used by deafblind people, where the letters of the manual alphabet are delivered onto the hand of the deafblind person.

The teachers Mrs Innes and Mr Martin were impressed by how much it raised their own awareness as well as the pupils, They said: “It was one of the most interesting talks we have had from a visiting speaker in a long time!”

The “Touching Lives” project continued in Forfar Academy over the next two weeks raising awareness and teaching deafblind manual to 240 pupils at the school.

Duel sensory impairment affects more than 5000 people in Scotland These sessions are funded by the BIG Lottery fund under the “Touching lives” project and are aimed at promoting awareness of this uniquely disabling condition while creating practical skills within the population, particularly young people.

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