Questions raised over Reid Hall lets

MEMBERS of Forfar Community Council have questioned the letting arrangements for the Reid Hall after reports of those hiring the hall having to mop the floor and put away tables after a private function.

Chairman Mrs Isobel Ross told last Thursday’s meeting that she had had a question put to her about the Reid Hall and what happens after functions.

She said those hiring the hall for a private function are responsible for cleaning tables, taking away any rubbish and leaving the kitchen tidy.

However, she questioned why those running functions were also expected to wash the floor around the bar area.

Mrs Ross said: “I think that is wrong.

“The person who complained to me said they were almost £400 for the hire of the hall.

“Then they have got to get a bucket and a mop and wash down the bar area and clean the tables before they put them away.

“Most like-minded people would wipe the tables before they put them away, but the floor is a different kettle of fish.”

The meeting heard the care-taker has a “check-list” which is issued to those who hire the hall, but the chairman felt the hall-keeper should be cleaning the hall, or a cleaner should be hired.

Members asked where the responsibility would end for those hiring the hall - would they be expected to clean the toilets after a let? They also raised possible health and safety issues when those hiring the hall have to mop the floor - if someone slipped, who would be responsible?

Mrs Ross continued: “If you are running an event you have to take out insurance to a certain level, But that is not what you are taking out insurance for, for someone being hurt because they are washing the floor after an event.”

Another member asked what would happened after a wedding - would the wedding party be expected to mop the floor around the bar area?

Mrs Ross reminded the meeting there was a major issue last year with the state of the kitchen prior to a function on Hogmanay.

She felt the “buck has to stop here” when people are reporting what they have to do when they hire the hall. They also have to hire the bar, which was bought off Common Good money “at some considerable cost”.

“I don’t begrudge that but I know the people who hired the hall on Hogmanay had to clean the bar because it had been put back dirty so there is a case here for a cleaner to get it done.”

One member pointed out a new function suite had opened at Forfar mart and warned people would “vote with their feet.”

When asked to comment on the points raised at the community council meeting, a spokesperson for Angus Council said:

“Customers are required to leave the bar and kitchen facilities in the same condition as they found them.

“On occasion customers attending events do help tidy up the hall, however, this is not something we insist on.

“Both these issues relating to the let in question have previously been raised with management and the customers have been happy with the response given.”